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January 25, 2009

Internet Marketing and Xocai- Can it work?

The Xocai Home Business Opportunity is a great chance for anyone to make some real profits in the chocolate business.  Xocai has been built since it inception with the one on one direct person to person approach, but can you successfully build your Xocai Home Business with the power of Internet marketing?

As an active network marketing affiliate I am always looking for my next active Xocai business partner.  Whether it is in my warm market or my cold market, I am looking for some else who might be looking to better themselves.  People who want to better themselves will always be more open minded, more enthusiastic, more aggressive, etc.    So day to day I just plant seeds with each new prospect.  I don’t want to work with people who are not open minded, not goal setters; I want to work with people who want to better themselves. Also these people seem to have either success in some form or have FAITH and understand the power of positive thinking… 


In my time in the network marketing business I have been told to follow the leader and use chocolate parties, chocolate events, and even chocolate conferences.  ALL of which are great tools and resources we have as an “Active” Xocai associate.  This route is not simple, neither is the Internet.  However, after all the people run dry in your warm market, what are you going to do?  POST CARDS, ADVERTISE.  Remember, your time is limited to your business or job in the day; you only meet so many people and do so many presentations in one day. You want be very effective with your time and maximize your return on investment. (Both Time and Money). 


The traditional methods of what to do after your warm market is saturated are simply YOUR OWN IDEAS!  Don’t get lost. You should do whatever YOU can do to build your business.  However you feel is best.  It is your business, you decide. 


TIMING is everything in the network marketing business.  For this reason the old methods are simply “outdated”.  Especially when you realize, if someone is searching on the Internet for your products or a  “Xocai business”, timing is now out of the equation.  Now it is up to you and your website to do the rest.  You see with the Internet, not only have we identified the timing aspect we also have addressed OUR TARGET MARKET.  They are looking for what you have to offer, we have a chance to capture someone LOOKING instead of people who are not looking…


INTERNET MARKETING- This is the concept where you can literally turn the traditional MLM way of prospecting completely around.  Instead of hunting for new prospects, you can become the “hunted” and have hundreds of people contacting you about your Xocai business, instead of the traditional methods, which I use too.  I just feel in my experience, I like BOTH.


I have been told by my up line numerous times thing like, “The Internet can’t work”.  “There is no handshake or eye to eye”, “YOU MUST meet the people or it won’t work”.

I even had direct sponsor tell me that I will not find an “A” person through the Internet. However, contrary to popular belief, I am finding quality people through the Internet. I believe through the Internet you can reach out and touch so many more people in so many  different ways, that I feel it is foolish for anyone to think they ARE not going to meet an “A” person online.  Even though that very same up-line is putting up advertisements to produce the same type of RESULT????


If you have ever doubted the power of Internet marketing and its ability to assist you build your Xocai MLM, don’t.  It works!  In fact, I have met so many people online and been introduced to so many new tactics that you could never run out of new leads.  Since my time inside the Internet marketing realm, I have become partners with a few Internet marketing million dollar earners.  These individuals have mentored me and helped me to understand the Internet and harness it even more. 


Don’t listen to your up-line if they are not supportive, follow your instincts.  Realize you can meet anyone and develop a great business and personal relationship through the Internet, you just need understand how this happens and it becomes easy.  Not everyone can use a computer, but they should.


I don’t want anyone to misunderstand; I am not telling anyone in Xocai not to use warm market tactics.  I am simply offering an alternative and very efficient method to prospecting.  You want to attend the parties, the conferences, the training phone calls.  All of it!  Just realize there is a machine out there waiting to help.   I help people everyday learn how to harness this power, and YES it does work and there are a lot of “A” people on the Internet  I believe ALL my people are “A” people, regardless of their networking abilities.  Don’t reason with doubt, only judge results, for it can be fatal if you are not careful.

posted by Steve Texter- Internet Marketing Master

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