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January 23, 2009

Does Social Networking Really Work?

January 23, 2009

Social Networking works when you are “in the game.” If you are making connections with the people you meet, it is the only form of advertising you will ever need. Of course you can and should do more marketing, especially in the beginning, but when you get really good at social networking, you will have more business that you know what to do with.

Let’s talk about being “in the game”. A quote from my good friend Jeffery Combs, you see he talks about life, business and being in the game and I really didn’t look at it like this until I was “in the game. ” People often make internet marketing so tough, when they really should be looking at things from the standpoint of social netwroking and business is a game. It’s a race to the top. Who can make most friends, connect with the most people, be seen everywhere in the net, train others to do the same. these “in the game” activities. You can either stress out and try to figure it all out in one day or enjoy the process, enjoy the ride as they say. I say enjoy the game!

If social networking isn’t for you , then use other forms of advertising. But if it is for you, enjoy the game of getting to know as many people as you can. Take an interest in what they are doing and genuinly care about the people you meet. When you are good at the game, it is really fun….and profitable too!!!

Let me share a story with you….I just came back from an event. t the event, I know certain people from my Facebook Friends list were going to be there, so I made an effort to meet them personally! Now my Facebook friends jsut became my real friends, who happen to be in the same industry as me. Fromt that event, I met over a dozen facebook friends who we are now doing projects together. I met people there, then looked them up on Facebook and now they are my friends and some I met there that I didn’t realizer were friends of mine on facebook and now we chat all the time!

I’ve made a sales of products and business opportunity members all because of social marketing….

Part 2 to this story is, When I came back from the event, I posted many pictures from the event, I tagged all my Facebook Friends and people on Facebook were seeing my picture all over Facebook and I didn;t spend a dime to get that exposure! I had a lady contact me and say, “Wow, You are everywhere!!! I want to work with you!” Attraction Marketing at its best….You got to love it…

So does Social marketing really work? It does if you are “in the game!”


Craig Garcia

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